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I can't remember why bec noir went to the trolls' session to kill all the trolls; why did he have an issue with that session again?

He was in a furious rage after CD killed Jade with all that shaving cream explosive!

Is the ring Hussie uses to propose to Vriska in the afterlife/dream bubble/whatever the ring from the kids' Alpha session? Because it doesn't have any orbs on it, which I've come to associate with (or maybe actually do represent) different prototyped sessions within Sburb, so is that one of the rings?

It could be! I don’t think it’s been explicitly said to be that ring, but they look the same so it’s definitely possible.

mspaintadventures.wikia. com/wiki/Bunny <<<the explanation of Liv Tyler/the bunny in general/how she gets to the Alpha universe

Oh hey! A helpful link! Thanks anon.

How can the pre and post Scratch versions of the kids contact each other? Aren't they completely different universes? Doesn't the Beta (original kids') version not exist anymore? How do Jade and Jake contact one another?

They both exist, just at different times- the appearifier is somehow able to circumvent the Scratch to connect the two universes. 

There was one Flash sequence of the Scratch where Rose and Dave set the bomb off and there were two containers full of red and blue liquid- one represented the kids' universe, but the other showed Spades Slick and Sn0man, who are part of the trolls' universe; why didn't the trolls' universe reset when the bomb went off? I'm getting a bit confused, sorry about the rambling...

The troll’s game had already been scratched (by the Alpha trolls) waaaay back when.

You’re confusing a scratch of a game session with the destruction of a universe. At the same time as the Tumor went off (creating the Green Sun), Spades Slick killed Sn0wman, thus destroying the trolls’ universe, the Red Miles destroyed the kid’s universe, and the kids’ game session was scratched by John, triggering a reset. All unrelated events occurring at the same time due to the principle of circumstantial simultaneity.

What is the difference between an alpha and a beta release? I know the Post-Scratch kids are called the Alpha kids and vice versa, but I don't understand the reasons behind why the Alpha session is second and the Beta session is first. Is there a reason or is it just random?

As far as I know it is totally random? Usually the alpha release comes before the beta, so in Jane’s case since she was going to be one of the very first to get it through her Crocker connections it makes sense that she would get the alpha and not the beta.

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what is Red Mile?

Red Miles is a type of attack specific to the wearer of the Queen’s Ring. In the case of Jack Noir, we see him use it on the Battlefield and on Bilious Slick/the human universe. Its effects are to create wide-ranging damage using the eponymous “red miles”, and it wreaks havoc on the thrice-prototyped Battlefield and succeeds in destroying the red/human universe completely during Cascade.

oh okay, so rose's mom and dave's brother never had intercourse? dave and rose were created out of mixed dna simply, or what?

Mom’s DNA and Bro’s DNA were combined by John in the ectobiology lab to produce Rose and Dave, you are correct. They never had intercourse, and probably never met in person or knew each other in the Beta universe.

I've reached act 6, and it's just so confusing as Hussie brings in several new characters! Pre scratch and Post scratch, I just don't get it! Let me just ask you one question out of the many that I have; is Roxy the mom of Rose, and Dirk the bro of Dave, or are they just KID versions of them, living in the future, but not really the SAME persons as Rose's mom and Dave's brother?

They are kid versions living in an alternate universe. Roxy, Dirk, Jane, and Jake are not the same people as Mom, Bro, Grandpa, and Nanna.